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The Fire Finish

Some people like the look of steel and how it glistens in the sun. Others prefer darker colours such as black or vintage rust colour. As a skilled blacksmith you get to know metals and how to treat them to get different colour effects. A personal favourite is the Fire Finish. It's unusual. It stands out.

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Tackling a new challenge

I like to think outside the box. So when one person approached me recently and asked what he thought was a silly question, i saw it as a challenge. There's nothing a good blacksmith can't do. It's just finding a safe and workable way to do it. I was tasked with finding a way I'd creating a permanent set of wrist cuffs and ankle shackles.  This may sound simple but when the request is to be done with a single bar of thick steel with no hinges many people would say it's not possible. 

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