The Heretics Fork

                The Heretics Fork 

I just love when a customer comes to me with something that they would love to have made and the prospect of it excites me. I recently got asked to make a Heretics Fork. What an exciting job for a bondage blacksmith.

The great thing about fetish gear is that it is all so closely related to forms of torture from the past. Fetish gear and torture go together really well and many devices of torture were made by blacksmiths out of metal. The Heretics Fork is a great example for this.

Heretics Fork History

The Heretics Fork was mostly used on Witches and Heretics. It was used as a punishment to make sure that the person wearing it could not move their head and so had to endure a lot of pain and discomfort. Four metal sharp spines would dig and pierce into the neck. Two spines near the chin and two near the lower neck. The more they tried to move their head down, the more that it would dig in. This device made sleeping impossible and made talking hard to do, making the torture even more unbearable. To add even more discomfort the belt that would tie the folk around the neck would be tightened so tight that it made breathing difficult. The Heretics Fork was always made for discomfort and was never intended to bring on death. It would only be used for an amount of time before either more punishments were made or the sentence of death was given.

Use of the Heretics Fork within Fetish

I just love how this device can be used in bondage and fetish. For many that own a slave or have a disobedient sub, it can be a great way to keep them in line. Either as punishment or as endurance play or even for training. This device can be used to a hard limit, used for a good amount of time to cause discomfort but it also can be used for a short amount of time for people who’s fetish levels aren't as hard. It isn’t something you see on an every day fetish or sex toy site and so i’m happy to be able to make one that can be used for bondage play.

Changing the Heretics Fork for Fetish Play

Of corse the Heretics Fork had to be changed slightly so then it was something that could be introduced into play. Although the Heretics Fork was not for killing people, it was still a nasty piece of torture. So when making this I had to take into account I was making this for bondage play and not torture. So I designed my Heretic fork so then it would still be very uncomfortable to wear, pain would still be endured, but it would be with out any long lasting damage. This was simply done by not making the edges of the fork as sharp as they would have been in the past.