Eternally Bound

Eternally bound is for the real committed bondage lovers. This is the next level of fetish equipment that brings new meaning to being loyalty. This range is permanently hand forge directly on to you so there is no escape.

The permanent range is something I am very proud to offer. I was challenged to fit a solid 16mm stainless steel permanent cuff on a wrist with out causing any harm to my client. After much thought and head scratching I devised a tool that could protect the skin from the heated steel (1000 degrees Celsius). My device gave me 50 seconds to hammer it shut and quench (cool down) the steel before the heat penetrated through to the skin. I did many test runs using raw chicken before I was confident to fit on a person. But I couldn't ask some one to risk there arm being badly damaged if something was to go wrong. So I decided to put my self on the line and fitted one to my own arm. This was a massive challenge in its self because not only was it seriously dangerous and hard to do, I only had one hand to do it with and no help. I still wear this cuff today and it has been a big part of me for nearly 4 years now.
Over these years I have found a safer way to fit them that has much lower risk and this is what I offer now. Though the removal is still as dangerous making this experience only for the brave.`