Sessions With Sir Blacksmith

My dungeon is now open to all who dare enter!

If you have ever fantasised about serving a true master who is strong, powerful and manly then try serving a sadistic blacksmith. My dungeon is fully equipped using my own hand forged and very heavy duty products. This is an experience unlike no other where you can take a glimpse into history and feel my medieval inspired furniture. I offer a few different packages that should fulfil your desires from online training to full day service and over night stays. Below are three downloadable links which will let you open my price list, tick list and waiver. If your visiting my forge dungeon then you must fill out the tick list which tells me about your likes and dislikes, and also my waiver as my sessions are held in my working forge which is very dangerous. Any information you send is protected under the data protection act.    
Please note that I am strictly a NONE SEXUAL professional master!

During a standard session I offer the following-
Corporal punishment                                                         Humiliation
Mummification                                                                    Forced worship
Breath play                                                                         Sissy Play
Sensory play                                                                       Pet play
CBT                                                                                    Slave training
Control & Forced play                                                        Torture 

As well as all the above I have special experiences that are more catered towards serving me as a blacksmith and include things you may never have thought be possible, like being chained to my anvil near a roaring fire whilst I beat hot steel right before your very eyes. To view these download my Experience list below. 

Price List
Tick List

If you can't see what you are looking for then respectfully contact me and I can answer any questions.

Live to far away? Not a problem, I also offer online sessions for people who can't make it to me in person. These are held over Whatsapp or Twitter and you can Head to my Master Twitter @blacksmith_sir to be able to watch slaves who are already serving me to get an idea of what I may have in store for you.  

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