Product Care

Stainless Steel

When maintaining your stainless steel products we always recommend keeping them dry after use. There are many stainless steel cleaners out there which can be used, but we highly recommend simply warm soapy water. 
Not all items will need regular cleaning but it is very important to keep your items dry after use. When you have purchased your item they come oiled so wipe it clean before using it.

Mild Steel

When maintaining your mild steel product its very import to make sure the product it is always kept dried and oiled when not in use. If your product needs washing then we recommend warm soapy water.  As mild steel can easily rust if not looked after correctly we highly recommend oiling your product before storing and preferable stored in a dry place. Baby Oil or Olive Oil are the safest oils to use, then simply wipe clean before use.  When you have purchased your item they come ready oiled so again wipe clean before using it.